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Weekly Reviews: Week of 15/02/09

This week I would like to praise last Sunday’s initiative of SLeek’s management and also fellow DJs Tasty Hax and Analogue Voom. As a last minute cover for an empty DJ slot when the club was packed with people we decided to do a “Jam Session” or “Gangbang”. It consisted originally in 3 DJs (Vitor Urqhart joined us later after a RL gig) spinning 5 tunes each and rotating and happened to be a success, lasting for more than 7 hours with the traffic levels never dropping under 40 people on the Sim.

I personally think that this sort of event can be a very interesting way of making some venues successful. I have been doing Jam Sessions for a while with “The Jam Rock Addicts” (Kayla Boxer, Vitor Urqhart, Ephram Magic and Mischief Portland), but always in each other’s homes and never at the club level. The event was very well received, I suspect that in the future other clubs will follow this type of model.

Talking about the club life it is a pleasure to refer two of the biggest names in the electronic music’s scene in Second Life. One started DJing on the grid and is one of those names you cannot miss. The other one was already a big name in Real Life when featured in the metaverse.


Tasty Hax is with no sign of doubt the most famous female DJ in SL and one of the biggest names when it comes to nightlife and its innovative projects in world. Tasty started as a DJ on the grid with no previous RL DJing experience. Her desire to learn, practise and explore new sonorities made her one of the best DJs around. Her versatility allows her to spin a variety of styles, I personally had the opportunity to listen to her live mixing at three of them (Electro House, Funky House and Dn’B).

Tasty's commitment and love for the music as well as her ability has opened the door to RL opportunity, with future plans well in development. Tasty is founder of the Radiant Bliss Music Project, a group that intends to congregate various DJs, clubs and fans together. The group represents a very active link between the DJ’s projects or gigs and the whole community.

It was with the DJs in mind that “the project” opened a new venue. The club was built by Cat Carfagno, Lenne Larkin, Halriasa Aeon and Yenta Semyorka and aims to be “the house of DJs” in Second Life. It is an Open Stage venue where any Radiant Bliss DJ can pop in at anytime, send a notice via the group and throw a party. No schedule, no stress, 100% fun is the result.

It is located at Haad Rin, a Thai island and the decoration is oriental inspired with a statue of Buddha dominating the DJ booth. In the future Free Tekno Squat will also have a stage here open to any and all SL DJs.

The grand opening happened last Thursday and the music was brought by some of the best DJs on the grid as; Frederick Heberle , Coggy Nikolaidis, Jobe West ,Nox Larsson, Tasty Hax, Artec Amat and Doubledown Tandino. After party DJs included Claude Fizz and Nath Jonesford.


Talking about the very opposite way (from RL to SL), Mantis Oh is the avatar name for Cari Lekebusch, International DJ, producer, Gothic B-Boy knight and praying mantis (as he defined himself). Born in 1972 and based in Stockholm, Sweden, Cari (Mantis) is a sound architect who also can be known by other alter egos as; Mystic Letter K, Mr Barth, Fred, Shape Changer, Vector, The Mantis and Braincell only to name some.

Since a very early age Cari developed a very intimate relationship with music, in the late 70s he was already collecting records and doing music edition. Being inspired by styles as Funk, Hip-Hop, Electro, House, and Techno, Cari assembled his own production studio in the 80s while studying Graffiti, Break-dance and Martial Arts. The 90s and the new century revealed to became a very productive period for Cari with hundreds of releases, DJ and live performances, and media (Radio and TV) coverage. It was thanks to Cari alongside with names as; Adam Beyer, Robert Leiner, Joel Mull and Jesper Dahlback that the Swedish underground music scene emerged into the international map.

Cari’s early influences are from Sweden, USA & Germany; James Brown, Ralph Lundsten, Herbie Hancock, African Bambaata, Egyptian Lover, Chris "The Glove" Taylor, Kraftwerk and Mantronix, amongst others... His various productions and remixes can be found on; Drumcode, Truesoul records, Code Red, Railyard recordings, Heroes, Corb, Harthouse, Loop/Plumphouse Records, Missile, Jericho, Proper, Tortured, Electrix, Primevil, Telephatic, Svek, Planet Rhythm, Tronic music, MB Electronics, Subvoice and Superstition.

H - Productions (aka Hybrid productions, Hybrid or H-Prod), his own independent label, also includes projects as; KaunTrax, Djupt, Grundtakt, Trainspotters Nightmare, AudioMekanixc, Audio Pollution, KGB, Direkt and Spirit Fuel. It originally released Electro/Hip-Hop inspired tunes that unfortunately had to be shortened in number due to the lack of commercial self sustainability and therefore funds. However around 1992 the label launched a proper 12" inch vinyl with the collaboration of Glenn Wilson and Planet Rhythm Records and few years later the international acceptance in the electronic underground scene.

In the future Cari aims to work in music and sound effects for video-games as well as more production for several other artists and solo projects. Some plans for film and television are already on the way, with some of Cari’s video production (some within Second Life) available on his MySpace, YouTube and website.


That is all for this week, feel free to leave any comments or suggestions, stay tuned and remember... Size Matters!
Cari Lekebusch images compiled via his MySpace.

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